How Did I Get My 11-yr-old Daughter to Eat Raw Cabbage and Like it?

February 11, 2008 at 4:43 pm Leave a comment


By using a recipe I just learned from my to-be-mother-in-law, called ‘salad.’ Luisa was visiting from Ecuador and made her infamous ‘salad’ that my other half grew up on. Always trying to find new ways to get different vegetable in, I watched her and gave it a whirl myself.

My 11-yr-old daughter not only ate it but she loved it and wanted more. She prefers it over traditional salad. It is pretty quick and relatively easy…

All you need is:

  • head of cabbage
  • a tomato or two
  • olive oil
  • lemons or lemon juice
  • garlic
  • salt & pepper
  • fresh cilantro

Of course, I used all Organic Ingredients.

I did not measure anything, just what looked good.

1/2 of the cabbage shredded is more than enough for a family of four. A diced tomato.

Then toss it with the desired amount of (olive oil approx. 1/4 cup, juice from a couple of lemons, a pressed clove of garlic, salt & pepper to taste and the ingredient I believe makes it – fresh cilantro chopped.)

Viola! Raw cabbage that my 11 yr old loved!

Cabbage is high in Vitamin K & C and is known for detoxifying the body. You can get all the details about cabbage at a great new site I just found called “World’s Healthiest Foods.”



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