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Tired of Allergy Med’s? Does Vitamin C work better?


It does for me! It has been 3 years since my last allergy pill!

Having suffered from allergies for most of my life, I’d taken Claratin-D for 7 years almost on a daily basis. When I began taking Frequency Foods products, I had no idea that they could be so potent and life-changing!

After a few months of taking the Quantum Vitamin C, I noticed my need for the allergy pill was diminishing. My eyes weren’t as red and irritated and my nose wasn’t as congested.

The only time my allergies seem to rear their head now is in the spring. But instead of taking an allergy pill, I take 2 Quantum Vitamin C when I wake up. Within a half and hour, I can breathe and I’m wide awake! (with no heart palpitations or jitters!) And they seem to be less severe each year…. which tells me my immune system is getting healthier instead of just treating the allergic symptoms with an allergy pill.

I’d never noticed this difference when taking other Vitamin C supplements.

Why I asked? For quite a few reasons I found out from Frequency Foods.

Their Quantum Vitamin C is derived from a natural, whole-food source for maximum effectiveness – many other Vitamin C products use synthetic forms of ascorbic acid which the human body cannot absorb.

Frequency Foods Quantum Vitamin C contains a mineral blend that includes potassium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, and iron – exactly like you would find in natural foods.

And there are quite a few others as well. So if you suffer from allergies and want to learn more about the differences in the quality and effectiveness of Vitamin C products, Click Here to learn more..

To your health!


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